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Hotspot treatment

Post by Scrawny1 » Wed May 16, 2018 6:18 pm

Hi I wanted to add something on here for anyone looking for something to treat hotspot (or some similar skin problems)... Nu-stock

Our OEB had a hot spot a little while back, on his head, which grew to about the size of a 10p coin. I believe it started due to tick bite he had there. After hibiscrubing for a few days (which helped initially), I turned to internet for help and found a nu-stock recommendation among many other suggestions. I looked round local pet store and found more stuff to clean it, and an "itch stick" to stop the scratching. Both had some benefit but the it kept coming back again, he'd had it for about 5-7 days at this point. (...I was avoiding shaving the area, also recommended!)

Although intrigued I had avoided getting the nu stock ointment at first as quite expensive (£17 tube on amazon) But next stop was the vets! So we decided to give a try. It comes in a horse sized tube so probably will not need to get more, ever! I cleaned area and applied ointment on and around area, it only needs applying every 3 days... yay! By day 2 it was already looking much better and wetness had gone, I applied more on day three to make sure but that was it!! It healed over and hair began to grow back soon after, definitely worth it!

I like it as it seems very natural, (sulfur has antimicrobial and anti-parasitic properties) consists of sulfur, mineral oil and little bit of pine oil (to stop licking I think?!) and it has been available for 50+ years!? It treats dogs, horses and even cats for various skin problems, including ringworm! It also stops itching and helps grow hair back!! (My partner and I have also used it lol with good results ...but it's not stated in instructions or licensed for that!)

Wanted to share and hope someone finds it helpful, it definitely worked for our dog! :0)

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