Reduced Eating

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Reduced Eating

Post by Chucklevision » Wed Jul 13, 2016 7:47 am

hi all,

I guess this is a bit of dog training too but mostly food. Few basic facts: Dudley, Beagle, 4 months old

Due to other issues ( non-food related) our trainer recommended that we stop feeding Dudley from a bowl and either feed by hand or feed from a kong wobble and start feeding him in his crate. Prior to this advice we had ( when Dudley lets us get away with it) fed him his dry food as training treats to cut down on treats, and then partly in a bowl and on his snuffle mat. We have a pen attached to his crate and had been feeding him inside the pen.

we are in the process of following the advice and putting his food in the wobble kong in his crate and continuing to use his snuffle mat. However i've noticed that he isn't really eating more than a couple of mouthfuls and we usually try to feed him twice a day. Unlike most Beagles he hasn't (yet) demonstrated the greedy food behaviour and will every so often skip a meal.

Today is day 5. We've tried to show him how to get the food out but perhaps we aren't making it fun enough? He also won't take the food by hand.

Dudley is still getting some food as we use a mix sausage/low fat cheese/chicken/kibble as his training treats 9we were advised to use high-value treats help with his focus on training). I'm conscious that i don't want him relying on "treats" but it has almost been a week and he is yet to eat a proper meal so I'm beginning to fret a bit.

In case you need to know we feed him Acana puppy food.

Where am i going wrong? Should i just return to feeding him normally?

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