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Post by ScarletSci » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:31 am

Nettle wrote:Yes I do use a chemical wormer, and I think Wormcount is a great idea that I would use in principle but have not got around to using in fact :wink:
While doing my reading on DE, I came across people recommending (food grade) DE to be used internally as well as externally :shock: With daily treatment as a wormer...

But they also recommended it for humans, with all the miracle properties often listed for NEW NATURAL TREATMENTS!!! such as diabetes and cancer prevention...

Flea update: Dogs are no longer running with fleas, and cat has improved a lot in so short a time. Skin and fur will take a little longer to recover, but there's no infection in the skin and it seems to be healing well, and he hasn't ripped out any more fur, thankfully. He seems happy in himself now, so I'm relieved.

Pixie is not fond of the daily flea checks I'm conducting, but I'm looking closely as I groom! I did find two more fleas on Jack, who is much more co-operative about lying on his back so I can check his belly and usual spots. There's certainly been a drastic reduction in numbers, I'm hoping the odd ones I've found are new hatches that the Advantage will kill off quickly. I'm still treating the odd bite on myself though!

The vet did warn it could take a couple of months to completely eradicate the fleas. Urgh, I really hate these parasites! I have OCD moments, and imagining these eggs everywhere, lying in wait, sucks! As well as the large hoover, I have a pretty powerful mini hoover which I've been using daily on the settee and my mattress, and the grim weather means the dryer is on pretty constantly with all the extra laundry loads. It's made even harder to examine the dogs since they are mud magnets, and every fleck of dirt is a potential flea! Roll on Spring :roll:

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