"Food Aggregation" towards Cat

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"Food Aggregation" towards Cat

Post by TwitchXk90 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:02 pm

Hello all.

I have a 1 and a half yea old Border-Collie x Petit Basset, and we got him when he was a puppy. He is very well behaved and a very playful and happy dog. He has a few issues I am in the process of training out of him, EG, Jumping up and people, attempting to chase cars, this year I am thinking about taking him to Weight-Pulling to help with his need to work.

He is not aggressive towards our cats, he will happily lay next to them and mind his own business. Granted sometimes he gets abit too friendly and sniffs them and licks them which is another thing I am working on, as they do not want that.

One problem that has got me worries however is the way he acts around food/water. If a cat drinks from his water he will trot over and begin drinking himself, clearly so the cat cant. Same with food, but not aggressively.

We have had a few incidents however where he has snapped at a cat. This is normally if he has a very nice treat to chew on(Pig ear and such) we have gone months without any issue but today I was sat on the sofa with my dog, when my wife came over to make me try some food(Canned Tomato Mackerel), as I ate it all was well, but the cat was also intrigued and jumped on the table next to me. (So I'm inbetween my dog and the cat) When out of no where he lunged at the cat and snarled before sitting back down.

If anyone can give some insight into this behave and any training advice on how to correct it. I would be very appreciative as I do not want to see the cat's or the dog getting hurt :( .

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