Two reactive dogs - help needed!

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Two reactive dogs - help needed!

Post by Dob&Mag » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:33 am

Hi all, I need some advise please!!

I have two dogs - one was abandoned outside my house and is approx 4 years old, male Jack Russell Chihuahua mix, while the other is a rescue, approx 15 months old, female, Jack Russell. She is with us since the first weekend in September. The first week was hard but now they are great friends. However, both have become very reactive to anything or anyone who crosses their path! He always was a bit reactive as is a very fearful little thing but she wasn't until the past couple of weeks so think she is following his lead - although, she is definitely the boss most of the time. He is food driven, she is not. He is easy to train and knows the basic commands, but she is turning out to be very difficult to train. Their morning walk used to be quite relaxed but has now turned into a major barking match from the two of them re everything around them. My neighbours and probably anybody within a few mile radius, just love them!!

I think professional help is needed so in the process of arranging that, but if anybody has had the same issue, would love to hear from you.


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