Help! My dog chases motorbikes!

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Help! My dog chases motorbikes!

Post by sidney75 » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:25 pm

Hi. I am new to this forum and hoping someone can help. We have a 1 yr old JRT X (poss fox terrier or patterdale x) - he's great in the house and has settled down nicely and he's generally great outdooors too. He loves other dogs (except bigger male black ones) and is great with kids etc. We are very lucky. However he has a couple of issues.
1. He chases motorbikes, well he would if he could! He lunges into the road if ones goes passed and if he wasn't on a lead would chase it. He sometimes does the same with cyclists or scooters. I'm unsure whether it's the noise or the movement or both. We are worried one day he'll either cause an accident or hurt himself. Obviously he is on a tight lead near the road and is not let off lead anywhere near a road just in case.
2. He is OBSESSED with footballs. If he even hears one being kicked he's off. He then grabs it, runs off with it and doesn't listen. He has often destroyed it by the time we manage to grab hold of him. If he's on the lead and sees one being kicked he pulls and barks and squeals.
Any help gratefully received! Thanks

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