Night Time Pooping

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Night Time Pooping

Post by Gillzzzz » Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:13 am


I have a 21 month old Jack Russell/Dachshund cross.

Recently she has regularly started pooping in the hallway through the night, previous to this we've had no problems with her doing this. She sometimes wakes us up through the night to be let outside for the toilet, but we often get up in the morning to find a little present despite her being let out before bed and through the night.

She is fed twice a day (8am and 6pm) on a diet of raw natures menu meat cubes mixed with some wainwrights dry food (the only thing that we have changed is moving from the puppy dry food to the small dog version approx. 1 year ago, long before this issue started).

We tried moving her 2nd walk of the day from 5 or 6pm (pre dinner) to 8pm or later (post dinner), which hasn't seemed to make much difference.

Any advice on how to stop this continuing? I am also interested/concerned to know why this has started all of a sudden?

Thanks in advance :)

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