Barking at windows

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Barking at windows

Post by Shalista » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:27 am

Bax info:
Breed: Rat terrier
Age: 2.5 years
Food: Raw
Walks: every 3-4 hours normally for a quick step outside and pee (Unless I'm out of the house in which case he has the run of the house) 1 45 min walk daily
House members: 1 cat he mostly ignores, 1 dog (Ki) he might be a bit territorial with
Crate: kind of, he has a room he can be confined to that he's never peed in.

So I'm almost certain this topic has been covered before but I'm having trouble finding the link. If someone else finds it please feel free to just post the link and I'll shut up :lol:

Bax barks and growls at the window when people walk by. He's usually pretty good about it and I don't really mind when he does but my sister's dog Ki goes ballistic EVERY. TIME. so even when Bax does chip in it sounds crazy. Not only that but even when he's not barking he'll look out the window and huff and grumble at them which, while not noisy, i think indicates that he's stressed.

We have an old farmhouse that's more window than wall so removing him from rooms with access or covering the windows is not an option.

I was thinking maybe playing "look at that" out the window? but I'm finding it difficult to distract him to look at me once he's locked on and he can hear them coming long before i see them.

Once again, not a huge problem given that we live in the country and we only get like 3-6 people walking by per day. but still.

TL;DR ways to stop Bax getting stressed watching people walk by if i can't cover windows?
Baxter (AKA Bax, Chuckles, Chuckster) Rat Terrier, born 01/16/13

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