Bax pottying.... again

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Bax pottying.... again

Post by Shalista » Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:44 am

Bax info:
Breed: Rat terrier
Age: 2.5 years
Food: Raw
Walks: every 3-4 hours normally for a quick step outside and pee (Unless I'm out of the house in which case he has the run of the house) 1 45 min walk daily
House members: 1 cat he mostly ignores, 1 dog (Ki) he might be a bit territorial with
Crate: kind of, he has a room he can be confined to that he's never peed in.

Bax is perfectly potty trained downstairs, hasn't had an accident in months despite having the run of the house while im at school 9 hours a day. When I'm home i take him out every 3-4 hours just to step outside, pee on a bush, and then walk back inside. he also still gets his 45 min walk every day. you may remember from previous posts that he possibly had a marking thing going on with his cousin, Ki, when he was peeing downstairs. this is important.

So while bax no longer pees downstairs, given the opportunity, he will pee upstairs. specifically ONLY in the bathroom. for awhile he would only pee on the bathroom rugs so i thought it was a rug thing. but the rugs aren't in there anymore and he peed anyway. now to get to the bathroom he has to pass my sister's bedroom door and ki barks at him every time he goes past. I'm not sure if it's relevant but it's worth mentioning.

I've picked up my walking schedule now taking him out every 1-2 hours and if he manages to get up there he still pees.

I've harassed my family till I'm hoarse to close the stairs door, I've even posted signs and they still don't remember. since keeping him out of this area is a forgone conclusion what CAN i do?
Baxter (AKA Bax, Chuckles, Chuckster) Rat Terrier, born 01/16/13

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