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Post by sophaloaf » Mon May 30, 2016 3:09 pm

Hi everyone!
I have posted on here before and gotten some Very helpful advice so im wondering if anyone can help me again with a new(ish) issue.

My akita, Kodi had his first visit to the park over the weekend and we had an issue with his behaviour with other dogs. Kodi was on a training lead (so i had control of him) but a man walked past with his small dog, not on a lead and as we walked past (quite a narrow path) Kodi went to sniff the other dog and just suddenly mouthed at him. I said sorry to the owner and he was ok with it (Luckily!) but i really dont want this happening again!

My friend met us there with her small dog, and he did the same to him, so we kept them at a distance. Enough for them to smell and see each other but not reach each other. We got Kodi to walk past Alfie (my friends dog), and got all his attention on me rather than Alfie and that seemed to work really well, so we tried getting them closer again and Kodi mouthed again.

He has been round other dogs before (puppy training classes) and he did the same there to a puppy but the trainer said it wasnt a problem... however i feel like it is an issue.

Any other ideas?

Thankyou!! =)

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