Dead Threads

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Dead Threads

Post by emmabeth » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:02 pm

Hey peeps..

Ok as i mentioned here ... 4895#14895

This is a 2 year old post...some of the others recently 'bumped' are of similar age..

Whilst adding useful information on to the end of an old post can and does help new comers to the forum even if the original poster is long gone..

It also pushes new, up to date and potentially more urgent posts further down the list and if done to excess... can push them right off the page meaning those current posters may not recieve the help they need.

PLEASE check the age of a thread before adding - it is very easy to skim and not realise a post is months or years out of date especially if it was originally posted in the same month as it currently is... (the example post was posted in october... and its october now, so easy to miss that it was october 2006!).

So.. check the month and year the thread was started in. If its old and you were just going to agree with other posters or add a similar experience... for the sake of other users of the board please leave it.

If it is only a few weeks or a month or two at most, out of date... AND there has been no other useful advice given.... then by all means post.

This board runs along very nicely if we all take a bit of responsibility for keeping it tidy (anyone new, check out the forum guidelines).

Thankyou all for reading :) and for your continued support of this board.

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