Now 'Casting' for US It's Me or the Dog

Periodic announcements regarding Victoria, her schedule, and general information.

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Now 'Casting' for US It's Me or the Dog

Post by BoardHost » Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:00 pm

Victoria has started shooting a new US series of It's Me or the Dog, and the production company is now accepting applications for those who wish to be on the show. For more info, visit here: ... sting.html

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Post by Dee-n-Josh » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:47 am

I'm sure the site will be flooded with requests! But, I've learned so much from IMOTD that I don't think we would qualify. :0) Best wishes to those that apply.
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Post by Holldenwolf » Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:58 pm

I actually thought about moving to England and buying a puppy just to meet her :D I am so delighted to know that there IS a noble spirit upon this wretched Earth. She is a rarity. Mature, noble*, intelligent, affable (non-judgemental at pulchritude and plenitude), altruistic, amiable and witty, attractive, kind, my God, I could go on all day long.

but I loved my puppy (bacca) and he could never be replaced. I am a loyal soul and have no interest in owning another puppy just yet.

If I ever do get another pup I'm thinking beagle or west Highland white

But anyway, just my two cents.


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Post by DawnStorm » Tue Nov 04, 2008 9:01 pm

I guess it's too late to apply now. :(
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Post by Kitsunebi » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:04 pm

I applied but i haven't sent a video since i'm clueless on how :oops:
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Count me in!

Post by vikkybear » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:37 am

I want to apply, but it says that only Atlanta is being accepted, and I'm in WV. I need her help really bad, though. We watch her show and Tivo all of them, and try to learn what to do, but nothing is working! I hope she opens up applications to more states! I need her! And she really truely is AMAZING!!
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Post by whatthedeuce » Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:45 pm

I wish they would show all the behind the scenes stuff, or sometimes show 3 hour versions of the show so you would get to see more background stuff, or get a better feel for just how long some of the techniques take to start working :)

I know!! I have a genius idea that would get this website and Victoria some extra cash.... If they sold special edition DVDs with 3 hour versions of each episode!! :D A bunch of stuff that was taken out for the show could be included, Victoria could do a commentary, discuss the dog's body language more in depth, etc.

If my dog had a very similar behavior to a dog on an episode, I'd definitely want to get the DVD of in-depth training and details about it.

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getting on the show

Post by LIRAY » Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:06 pm


my husband and i who show dogs, used to breed springers and we do watch this show and think it is great, alot of it is common sense and some things can and are very serious, as i do train in obed and show in conformation all breeds.

we were just wondering how one gets on this show?

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Post by BoardHost » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:35 pm

Try the link at the top of this thread.

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Post by Bonnie » Sun May 17, 2009 8:40 am

I understand Victoria is coming to St. Louis, Missouri this fall for the Pet Expo. Will she be accepting "applications" to help any dogs here in Missouri?

Bonnie & Sushi (Mom says we need help)

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Post by Gumby » Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:57 am

All the posts in this thread are dated 2008 with the latest being May of 2009. Will there be new episodes airing in 2010?
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Post by BoardHost » Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:34 am

A new season of IMOTD premieres on Jan 2, 2010.

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Post by sj96skittles » Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:28 pm

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Post by wvvdiup1 » Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:04 pm

You can ask questions about the show by emailing:

[email protected]

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