Adopting from a rescue?

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Adopting from a rescue?

Post by Newsomefamily » Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:01 pm

Hi all

We still haven't chosen a breed and Elsa thought it would be a better idea to rescue from somewhere like battasea dogs home ect.

Yasmins wage has gone up as she has had a promotion so she is now in a more comfortable position financially to start driving lessons and to afford a car. So distance of the rescue won't be an issue anymore hopefully she has passed by next year.

Does anyone have any additional advice or tips , rescuing a dog as first time owners.

Elsa just thinks it's more rewarding to save a life and give a dog a nice comfortable bed and a place by the fire place instead of in a kennel than buying from a breeder. She feels a lot of pride in this subject. She also thinks a good rescue could potentially help us find the perfect dog.

Iv not told her but I did see her looking up GSD rescues :roll: . She know that I won't get a GSD.

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