Positive Change

Share your experience and tell us how using positive reinforcement training methods has changed yours and your dogs' lives.

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Positive Change

Post by karmicen » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:08 am

Alfie joined our family three months ago. We are his third home, his last one only being for a couple of months. He is a three year old Husky cross (Collie & possibly Akita). He needs lots of exercise but his previous owners didn't seem to have socialised him properly. Meaning walking him could be extremely stressful.
Alfie was very defensive around other dogs especially when he was on a lead. Worse if they were off lead at the time. He would put on a show off aggressive behaviour which given his size was quite frightening to other owners. There are a lot of little yappy dogs near us and they would just put him in a frenzy as they always bark at him. More than once he was called 'dangerous' which was upsetting because he really isn't.
Through positive reinforcement he has been steadily improving and now is a total pleasure to walk. He's calm and none reactive (most of the time). When he does react its not aggressive at all but usually excitement at meeting another dog. He's even ok with the little yappy dogs barking at him which I am so proud of him for. We did have a tiny setback about two weeks ago after he was attacked by an off lead Staffy on his evening walk. He was calmly standing as they passed and it just went for him. He was unhurt but was little more sensitive again toward other dogs for a couple of days. However hes back on track and again positive training has helped him move on quickly. Now we just need to work on him meeting/greeting other dogs calmly and in an appropriate manner. He's come so far in such a short time that I know he will handle this too.

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