Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

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Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by BoardHost » Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:10 pm

Victoria meets a young Manhattan couple with a serious dog hang-up. With one dog imprisoned under the sofa, and another whose biting is completely out of control, the couple can't stop fighting and risk jeopardizing their future together.

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by Doglover42 » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:10 pm

Hello Victoria

Wow, this episode was intense! You saved their whole relationship! You're amazing :)
Only one question, have you ever done Doga before this episode? How long has it existed, I've never heard of it before! :lol:

This episode was really good, and I'm glad the couple and the dogs are happier :)

Thank you,
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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by lvs4art » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:11 pm

THANK YOU! Seems you back to the serious business at hand! Grateful the nonsense of the season openers are over!
I'm so happy you touched on the fact that dogs pick up on the owners emotions. :D

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by ayasha18 » Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:24 pm

Hi Victoria,
I have been a fan since the beginning of the series, and enjoyed meeting you in Lowell, Mass in November.
I'd like to give some constructive criticism...
A few things I have noticed in the season 3 episodes, is that they are less informative than the last season's in the traning techniques, as well as the progress that the dogs made.
The season 3 episodes are entertaining, but it felt as though tonights episode took 45 minutes to get to the training while we waited for the couple to stop bickering!
Thank you for all you do, and I plan to follow in your training footsteps through and after college as a career.

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by sj96skittles » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:14 pm

Wow! I dont really know what to say about this episode but their argueing was pretty intense. It seemed like too much of the episode was how to stop the couple from blaming eachother.
How did you solve xander's food guarding issue and howd you control him outside when he was barking at everything?
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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by nightsrainfall » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:30 pm

Although I would have preferred more dog training, less people counselling(sp?) - I do think this episode was good because sometimes we forget how people and their relationships/energy/mood affects dogs.

I do have one small question - can you do Doga with larger dogs? A lot of those moves seemed like small dog only (or maybe there are modifications for larger dogs that we didn't see).
- Anna

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by leashed » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:31 pm

It is painful to watch people such as tonight's couple, but, it is part and parcel of what happens in so many homes. I think the couple probably would have given up on Victoria just as they failed with the prior dog trainers had the cameras not been recording them. I'm glad you ask the tough questions, Victoria (eg; why did you get a dog?) and congratulate you on getting them to see that dogs don't become well adjusted pets just because you "own" them.

Sad to say there are many more couples, individuals and familes like that in Manhattan and most of the time, they really don't want to hear what a trainer or pet sitter or veterinarian or behaviorist has to say--they just want their dog fixed when its the humans who need fixing.

I only hope future episodes deal with the other side of NY's dog population. We don't all live in hi rise apartments with housekeepers and have terraces where we drink cocktails and do doga.

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by wickedhippy » Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:09 am

You can't fix a dog's problems if the owners can't agree. This show was great all around. It focused not only on the actual DOG training, but also what it takes to deal with the owners. KUDOS Victoria - for showing how a real disorganized household can affect a dog's behavior.

Sometimes training isn't just about the dogs - you can't make things work if the owners can't work together.

And quick note - that front door training seemed so simple. Hard to believe neither of their previous trainers thought of it. But that's what makes Victoria the best of the best! :D
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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by koby10 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:39 am

Way better show than the last 2 weeks! I agree with some of the other posts here, that most people do not realize how the disconnect between owners can affect their animals. Yes more training tips would have been nice, but I think if you didn't show the tension between the couple then a huge mistake would have been made. We needed to see how their interactions were causing the problems. I never delete the show from my dvr until I've watched it at least twice. That way I can go back and really see what was going on. This was one of those show that could have probably been made into a 2 hour episode! No one wants to be told that their actions are causing the most, if not all the problems with the dogs. As a dog owner that's a bitter pill to swallow and not every one handles it very well, as we saw with this couple. It really doesn't matter whether you live in a New York high rise or in the little house on the praire your going to have problems if you can't agree. I would love an update on whether this couple managed to stay together or if the stress was to much. Victoria, do you check back with these people to see what kind of progress they make?

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by mutt808 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:56 pm

The episode showed that the couple was advised to remove all but about 4 toys from the dogs, but it didn't say why. What's the downside to giving a dog too many toys at once?

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by braeraphael » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:51 pm

That was one serious episode. Great work with getting the couple to work it out. I must admit, I wish I could have seen more of the training. I am curious about Xander and resource guarding issues. I notice when Jason or Lindsey went towards his food, he would lunge and bite. But when the dogs were finally separated at food time, Jason approached and reached at Xander food bowl, and Xander did not react. Was Norman the only trigger for that? Also, what about Xander peeing on the neighbors carpet? That was never addressed, or the barking at strangers in the street problem. Was the cleaning lady taught to play the find it game at the door to? I'm not really sure what the family did to make sure that anyone who came or left the house did not get bit by Xander. I wish there could have been more time to watch more of the training.

The target game and hide and seek game is great! SO glad to see you recommend that for the training. Looking forward to seeing more episodes!!

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by dontpugme » Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:11 pm

All I keep saying is "WOW!" That was so intense that I seriously was thinking that the two would have broken up before you could stop training. While watching, I was thinking about the Roxy and Rio episode (I think) where you did that blindfolded tank driving, and I was glad you did a similar thing here. You must have gotten some strange looks on that boat! :lol: :)

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by leslie123 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:59 pm

I appreciated how well this episode showed how the owner's energy translates directly to the dog. When the couple were finally able to find some common ground to work together, the dogs responded. I'd still like to see more of the actual training and less people drama. I watch reruns early weekday mornings on AP and it makes me realize how much the show format has changed. I thought the old format was brilliant and I'm wondering why the change?

Another question I have (though its not directly related to this episode) is have you ever considered making an instructional/informative training DVD series for owners? I've heard it stated often from you and others how much of what goes on gets edited out to keep the show within the required time frame and it seems to me some of that footage would be helpful in a more in depth DVD series. I know I'd buy it the day it came out! Your book is fantastic, but hearing you explain and demonstrate with dogs and their owners has taught me so much, I'd love more!

On a side note I am always checking the site for a VSP trainer close to me and though I have seen a few added in Georgia lately, I'm still hoping for one just a bit closer to Columbus. (crosses fingers)

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Re: Episode 303 - The Terrier Takes Manhattan (Jan 22)

Post by sj96skittles » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:17 pm

One more question. Can y'all put deleted scenes on the animal planet website?? Thanks! :)

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