Bergin University of Canine Studies? Your thoughts?

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Bergin University of Canine Studies? Your thoughts?

Post by carrie_02 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:33 am

Hi all, I've seen you guys talk on here about Karen Pryor Academy and Jean Donaldson's Academy, which both sound great for learning about dogs, but I've recently heard about Bergin University of Canine Studies. Have you guys heard of it?

I'm confused because it seems to be a college which just teaches you about dogs. The degrees are all about dogs. However, when you look online for college degrees about dogs (focusing on dog training) the consensus I've always seen is that no one offers a course like this. So is Bergin University reliable? Is it legit or a scam? Do you think it would be a good school to go to if one's goal is to learn about dogs in general but specifically dog training? I want to get a solid, rigorous education and one that doesn't at all speak of outdated ideas about dominance, and one that doesn't support corrections in training (it seems like this is the case with Bergin).

What are your thoughts on Bergin? How is it different than Karen Pryor's and Jean Donaldson's courses? (I ask about those two schools specifically because those two seem to be the ones that have been talked about most and recommended most on this forum, as well as the two most recommended schools in general when it comes to learning dog training. I'm just a bit wary because I really haven't heard anything about Bergin University of Canine Studies, so it makes me wonder if it isn't that highly regarded, well known, etc.

One thing that is making me wonder about this school is that they gave Cesar Millan some honorary degree, despite what he teaches and how outdated and destructive it is (see an article on this here: ... ntroversy/)

Thanks so much!! Thank you for all your replies to my previous questions to, you all have been very helpful and kind.

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